My name is Ikenna Nwaiwu. Welcome to my blog.

We are in an exciting time of transformation in the core banking space. We are seeing legacy, product-centric, monolithic, on-premise solutions challenged by newer, modular, cloud-native, customer-centric, ledger-first, hyper-configurable core banking systems that empower innovative end-user value propositions and lower operational costs.

We are seeing APIs move from a back-office, system integration concern of the technology function to a business concern either as a sellable customer product,  a product complement or providing the agility to switch between 3rd party suppliers in a specific ecosystem. We are seeing APIs enabling the disaggregation of the value stream, allowing businesses to focus on their core strengths while leveraging APIs and the API economy for the rest.  The digital transformation of the marketplace and changes in financial market regulations (PSD2 Open Banking, etc) have resulted in financial services firms having to adopt API-first thinking.

I am excited to work at the intersection of these two trends. I help financial services companies make sense of their API strategy, apply product management principles to their API solutions,  and bring new and exciting API Products to market.

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