Robinhood’s outage

On Monday March 2 2020, Robinhood – the no-commissions stock trading app with 10 million users – suffered a 17 hour outage on the day of the single biggest point gain in the history of the Dow Jones. On a day of huge market volatility which saw the S&P 500 gain $1.1 trilllion, Robinhood customers were unable to open or close their positions.

In a blog post by Baiju Bhatt and Vladimir Tenev, the Co-Founders and Co-CEO’s of Robinhood said that the outage was due to infrastructure issues. Presumably because the event was still fresh, the blog post did not involve an in-depth technology failure analysis like Monzo did , neither did it provide as much detail as Revolut’s October 2019 outage.

Robinhood suffered another outage on Monday March 9. It appears to have been down for a few hours before normal service resumed.

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