API Management Vendors and Services

Here are some API Management and Developer Portal providers I have found. I will try and keep this list updated as I find more.

  1. Apigee Edge: Edge is a an API management platform. Apigee was acquired by Google in 2016. It consists of 3 main services:
    1. An Edge API Runtime service. This provides a API proxy layer. It has an API Gateway that implements throttling, cache, routing, versioning and governance. It also handles security and has connectors to enterprise apps and databases.
    2. Monitoring & Analytics service. Handles business reports, performance monitoring and diagnostics.
    3. Developer Ecosystem Service. Handles developer documentation, developer portals, sandbox and key management.
  2. Kong Enterprise: API management platform aimed at hybrid cloud and multi-cloud deployments. Kong does a lot. Among others, it has the Kong Manager for managing the API gateway service policies and routes, governance and access controls, and performance monitoring. It also has the Kong Developer Portal for documentation content management.
  3. Azure API Management: Microsoft’s multi-cloud API management offering. As with other providers offerings it has an API Gateway, Developer Portal creation tools and service manager (Management Plane) for managing governance and policies.
  4. Amazon API Gateway: Amazon’s fully managed API Gateway service for creating, maintaining and securing RESTful and WebSocket APIs. Focuses on traffic management, authorization and access control, throttling, monitoring and API version management.
  5. Red Hat 3scale API management: API management offering from Red Hat, providing Developer Portal, API Access Control and Security, Analytics and Monetization features.
  6. Pronovix: Pronovix provides Developer Portal creation as a service. I think this means they have a development team who build, host, support and maintain Drupal based developer portals. They are help define API strategy and create a documentation database.
  7. DeveloperHub.io: Collaborative cloud based tool for building portal documentation and API references.
  8. APIMatic: A developer experience platform for web APIs. Used for creating API documentation, SDKs, Code Samples and Test Cases. Here is an example of APIMatic generated documentation.

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