Curated list of API books

  1. JACOBSON, D., WOODS, D., & BRAIL, G. (2012). APIs a strategy guide. Sebastopol, CA, O’Reilly.^u.
  2. JIN, B., SAHNI, S., & SHEVAT, A. (2018). Designing web APIs: building APIs that developers love.
  3. ZULIAN, A. & BOUZA, A. (2019). API Product Management: Product Strategy and Execution for the Digital Economy.
  4. LAURET, A. (2019). The Design of Web APIs. Manning.
  5. DE, B. (2017). API Management: An Architect’s Guide to Developing and Managing APIs for Your Organization. Apress.
  6. HUNTER, K. L. (2016). Irresistible APIs: designing web APIs that developers will love.

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