API Marketplaces – A look at Prompt API

Prompt API is a curated API marketplace that allows developers discover, test, consume and publish APIs. Currently they provide finance APIs (Exchange Rate API, Bank Identification Number (BIN) Checker API), web tool APIs (Web Page to PDF API, Scraper API) , messaging APIs (e.g Email Verification API, Spam Checker API), machine learning and AI APIs (e.g Bad Words API, Sentiment Analysis API) and more.

They make it easy for developers to get started quickly. All their APIs have a free plan, which allows developers to test the APIs without having to pay first. They also provide chat, email and ticket support for their APIs.

API marketplaces allow developers to test and consume APIs from a single point. Another example of an API marketplace is RapidAPI. However PromptAPI differs from RapidAPI by offering a more curated set of APIs.

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