API Industry segmentation

Mehdi Medjaoui published a detailed classification of the API industry in his API Landscape post. Here are the main classifications he presents:

  • Business Process As an API
    • Fax/Mail/Voice
    • Email APIs
    • Online Forms
    • Data Management APIs
    • Payment APIs
    • Ecommerce APIs
    • Headless Ecommerce APIs
    • Human as a service APIs
    • Human Resource APIs
    • AI APIs
    • Data-as-a-service APIs
    • Accounting APIs
    • Open Banking APIs
    • Search Engine APIs
    • Know-Your-Customer (KYC) APIs
    • Messaging APIs/Cpass
  • API Lifecycle Platform
    [Products and companies to support API practitioners to design, document, mock, develop, test, deploy, secure, monitor, stream and promote APIs ]
    • Access Level and Identity Management
    • API Analytics/Monitoring
    • API Design/Documentation Platform
    • API Developer Portals
    • API Industry specifications
    • API Management/API Gateway
    • API Oriented IT Consulting Firms
    • API Testing
    • IOT Platforms/Networks/Devices API
    • Open Banking APIs
    • Streaming APIs
  • Backend Building Tools/Mobile-Backend-as-a-service (MBaaS)
    • MBaas
    • GraphQL Baas
    • DBaas
    • Blockchain APIs
    • Infrastructure/Cloud/Serverless APIs
  • Integration Platform as a Service
    • Automation/Orchestration APIs
    • Horizontal API Abstractions
      [Platforms that provide a single point of integration for APIs that have different value propositions]
  • PSD2 API Abstractions
    • Open Banking APIs
  • Vertical API Abstractions
    [Every platform that takes a value proposition and abstracts them into one API. E.g gathering all the APIs for cloud storage into one API]
    • Cloud Storage API
    • Delivery APIs
    • Ecommerce APIs
    • Healthcare
    • Marketing/Analytics
    • Login APIs
    • Smart Home
    • Headless CMS API

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