My definition of APIOps

There are different definitions of APIOps, but here is mine.

APIOps is about bringing people, processes and tools together to achieve better business outcomes by continuously delivering reliable, well designed API products for API consumers. APIOps is based on applying the practices of DevOps and GitOps to the API development lifecycle. Therefore understanding the current API delivery value stream and the desired target value stream state are important. In APIOps, API definitions (for example Open API specifications) are a first class delivery artifact. Automation via a CI/CD pipeline is an important part of APIOps and should follow the Minimum Viable CD recommendations. As in DevOps delivery performance can be measured by the 4 key DORA metrics and the fifth metric of operational performance.

In the above definition, by people I am referring to all the stakeholder roles involved in the API product value stream. For example, the API development team, the API gateway platform team, API governance, security, technical writers and the API consumer. By API products, I mean a packaged API solution that enables a customer fulfil a job.

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