4 Takeaways from the 2022 API Governance Survey

I ran the 2022 API Governance Survey between February and March this year to understand API governance practices across organisations. First the bad news. I didn't get as many respondents as I hoped. A total of 16 respondents completed the survey (6 from the UK, 5 from the USA, 2 from France, 2 from India … Continue reading 4 Takeaways from the 2022 API Governance Survey

2022 API Governance Survey: Update 1

The survey is still ongoing, but I have published the responses received so far on Github. The survey has received 12 responses but only one charity has been nominated for a survey donation - Cancer Research UK. As the only entrant so far, and winner for that week, a donation was made to Cancer Research … Continue reading 2022 API Governance Survey: Update 1

API Modelling: What is a Business Capability?

In the API design process, it is useful to first identify the business capabilities and the abstract resource model that support the design. This is because an API product specifies what business capabilities it provides. But what exactly is a business capability? According to Vernon [1] , a business capability is "a function of the … Continue reading API Modelling: What is a Business Capability?

My definition of APIOps

There are different definitions of APIOps, but here is mine. APIOps is about bringing people, processes and tools together to achieve better business outcomes by continuously delivering reliable, well designed API products for API consumers. APIOps is based on applying the practices of DevOps and GitOps to the API development lifecycle. Therefore understanding the current … Continue reading My definition of APIOps

Implementing API Governance – Links

Implementing API Governance https://meta.stoplight.io/docs/platform/ZG9jOjU4NzU5NQ-get-started-with-api-governancehttps://swagger.io/resources/articles/best-practices-in-api-governance/ Kinds of API Governance - https://www.plektonlabs.com/the-5-foundations-of-api-governance/ https://apievangelist.com/2018/07/19/api-governance-models-in-the-public-and-private-sector/

Working on your organisations API design guidelines ? Here is a reference.

The API Stylebook http://apistylebook.com  provides API designers with a curated list of publicly available API design guidelines (style guides). The guidelines are categorised by design topics making it easy to see what the approach taking by different API design guidelines on a specific topic. For example, Naming. Any working on API design guidelines and governance … Continue reading Working on your organisations API design guidelines ? Here is a reference.

Google API Improvement Proposal (AIP)

The Google API Improvement Proposal provides documentation on API Design guidance. The AIPs are are supervised by the API Governance team, and provide guidance to API producers and reviewers on topics like process, resource design, operations, fields, design patterns and compatibility. The AIPs are high-level design documents that help Google teams discuss and come to … Continue reading Google API Improvement Proposal (AIP)