The 3 most important qualities of APIs

According to the Smartbear State of API 2019 Report, the 3 most important characteristics of an API are: Ease of UseResponsiveness/PerformanceAccurate and detailed documentation. This response was from Smartbear's survey of over 3,000 developers, architects, QA professionals, operations engineers, and product leaders from more over 16 different industries. The survey was run between November and … Continue reading The 3 most important qualities of APIs

5 API Product Metrics

Derric Gilling at at Moesif writes about many API metrics. Thinking of an API as a product and doing the work of an API Product manager, here are 5 from his I have paid particular attention to on projects I have worked on. API Usage Growth (AUG): Average number of requests per month.API Monthly Active … Continue reading 5 API Product Metrics