API Marketplaces – A look at Prompt API

Prompt API is a curated API marketplace that allows developers discover, test, consume and publish APIs. Currently they provide finance APIs (Exchange Rate API, Bank Identification Number (BIN) Checker API), web tool APIs (Web Page to PDF API, Scraper API) , messaging APIs (e.g Email Verification API, Spam Checker API), machine learning and AI APIs (e.g … Continue reading API Marketplaces – A look at Prompt API

The API Economy – Quotes by Kin Lane

A few interesting quotes by Kin Lane from his article on the API Economy "The API economy is how the production, distribution, or trade, and consumption of goods and services by different agents occurs on the global internet"- Kin Lane "APIs are the product. APIs are also how you develop, market, and deliver these digital … Continue reading The API Economy – Quotes by Kin Lane

Definitions of an API Product

What is an API Product? Here are a few definitions and descriptions. "A modern concept for machine-to-machine interaction, designed from the outside-in and with easily consumable documentation for the application developer". - Apigee "An API product consists of one or several APIs that provide an interface to a value proposition…. In contrast, API solutions consists … Continue reading Definitions of an API Product

API Management RSS Feeds

A collection of RSS feeds about API management. Alan Glickenhouse – API ConnectURL: https://developer.ibm.com/apiconnect/author/glick/feed/ APIs You Won't HateURL: https://apisyouwonthate.com/rss.xml Moesif BlogURL: https://www.moesif.com/blog/feed Akana BlogURL: https://www.akana.com/blog/feed API Science Blog: Advanced API Monitoring and PerformanceURL: https://www.apiscience.com/blog/feed/ MuleSoft BlogURL: https://blogs.mulesoft.com/feed/ API FriendsURL: https://apifriends.com/feed/ Nordic APIsURL: https://nordicapis.com/feed/ digitalMLURL: https://www.digitalml.com/feed/ ApigeeURL: https://cloudblog.withgoogle.com/products/apigee/rss/ KongHQURL: https://konghq.com/feed/ Pronovix ArticlesURL: https://pronovix.com/articles/rss.xml

API Products

What is a product ? According to Kotler, a product is anything offered to a market for attention, acquisition, use or consumption that satisfies a need (1). A product is the heart of a market offering - the value an organisation offers to its target customers and the basis on which it builds profitable relationships. … Continue reading API Products

The 3 most important qualities of APIs

According to the Smartbear State of API 2019 Report, the 3 most important characteristics of an API are: Ease of UseResponsiveness/PerformanceAccurate and detailed documentation. This response was from Smartbear's survey of over 3,000 developers, architects, QA professionals, operations engineers, and product leaders from more over 16 different industries. The survey was run between November and … Continue reading The 3 most important qualities of APIs