Interesting Banking APIs

Here I keep a collection of core-banking related APIs I find interesting. Synapse Moov | | Mambu Galileo Solaris Bank Rails Bank Griffin . I like the Griffin API design Wealth Kernel Clear Bank Developer Portal Temenos API Catalogue:

Synapse’s API Endpoint Report

The Synapse docs have an API Endpoint Report. For each REST endpoint, it lists the average response time and the success rate. I like this because it makes it easy for developers to see the average response time of a particular query, and helps them raise an issue if a particular query they are running … Continue reading Synapse’s API Endpoint Report

Interesting Documentation Portals

 PortalComment The “Algolia in 45 seconds“ and “Try Interactive tutorial“ are great and Stripe are regularly mentioned in blog posts and forums as having set high standards for API docs. like the top level layout of this portal. There are a lot of APIs documented here, and not all are REST. Docusign has a nice … Continue reading Interesting Documentation Portals

Docs Are Tasks Too (DTT)

API documentation tasks should be played like any other story by a development team. They should be identified, sized, prioritised, worked on and reviewed. Engineers should lead the initial drafts of writing content pages. It should be done collaboratively with the product managers and Documentarians. The product managers own the sign-off required to move a … Continue reading Docs Are Tasks Too (DTT)

Documenting Events with Async API

Summary: This post explains what the Async API specification is, and how it is used to generate API Reference documentation for events. Introduction Async API is an API specification standard for events. It is used to define and document message driven APIs in a machine and human readable format. It is protocol agnostic, so can … Continue reading Documenting Events with Async API

REST API Documentation Solutions but what about GraphQL ?

Here is a list of REST API documentation solutions. Most of these tools are geared towards generating API Reference Docs from REST APIs specifications defined in OAS, RAML or API Blueprint. Most of these tools follow Slate like templates and layouts learned from the Stripe and Twilio Docs to produce their layout. Saves time and … Continue reading REST API Documentation Solutions but what about GraphQL ?

GraphQL API Reference portals

Keeping a list here of portals with a GraphQL API Reference. GraphQL API Reference CommentBraintreeGreat example. YelpIts nice the way they embed GraphiQL into the pageOld Github GraphQL API ReferenceThey have an interesting approach with the right hand navigation. Take a closer look laterNew Github API ReferenceGithub seem to follow the main Braintree navigation items in … Continue reading GraphQL API Reference portals

Structure of a Developer Portal

A developer portal is the ‘shop front’ for a system's API. It contains API Documentation - that is, the technical information required to understand and integrate with an API. A developer portal should be self-service and make it easy for developers to get started. It should make the system’s API visible to enable internal and … Continue reading Structure of a Developer Portal