Interesting Documentation Portals

 PortalComment The “Algolia in 45 seconds“ and “Try Interactive tutorial“ are great and Stripe are regularly mentioned in blog posts and forums as having set high standards for API docs. like the top level layout of this portal. There are a lot of APIs documented here, and not all are REST. Docusign has a nice … Continue reading Interesting Documentation Portals

Docs Are Tasks Too (DTT)

API documentation tasks should be played like any other story by a development team. They should be identified, sized, prioritised, worked on and reviewed. Engineers should lead the initial drafts of writing content pages. It should be done collaboratively with the product managers and Documentarians. The product managers own the sign-off required to move a … Continue reading Docs Are Tasks Too (DTT)

Quote on Developer Portals and Developer Experience

"The primary interaction point where [a developer] can go from awareness, activation and acquisition of an API, be able to bring it up, go to a ‘Hello World’ within maybe 30 minutes, and be able to incorporate [a] product very quickly. So from an organisational view, the developer portal is really a kind of one-stop … Continue reading Quote on Developer Portals and Developer Experience